ECU remapping is an engine tuning service which enables some of the restrictions put on a vehicle by the vehicle manufacturer to be lifted. ECU remapping unlocks some of these restrictions so that the vehicle being remapped can perform as was originally designed. It also has numerous added benefits such as improving performance, improving fuel consumption and can even add life to your engine.

Each modified file is based on the original file from your vehicle. We do not use an on-line database of pre-modified (generic) maps. We custom remap every vehicle individually. All our remaps are tailored specifically for you and your vehicle.

Most importantly we make sure we remap/tune every vehicle within safety limits. We won't sacrifice your engine just to try and squeeze a few extra horse power. We will not put unrealistic and unsafe power figures on our website with the aim of trying to impress you.

There are a few common terms used for modern tuning procedures including chipping, chipped, chip tuning, chip programming, remap, remapping, ecu remapping, bdm tuning, boot mode, Tricore all methods of accessing and reprogramming the engine management software that controls the performance of modern vehicles.

We only use the very latest and highest quality equipment and software to carry out the ECU remapping such as CMD Flash, Byteshooter, Kess, Powergate, BDM and Batronix, Optican, Genius. So you can be assured that your vehicle is in safe hands. We also have a state of the art Rolling Road Dynamometer that is capable of tuning 2 and 4 wheel drive vehicles upto 2000bhp installed in our premises.

To further improve your engine we have introduced the revolutionary 'Terraclean' which is an advanced and effective decarbonising solution. Ideal for today's higher compression, multi-valve, direct injection, petrol & diesel engines. TerraClean will restore MPG, reduce emissions and regain vehicle performance.

We are an authorised TerraClean Service Centre, covering West London & the whole of the UK with our mobile service.

We also cater for those of you that are unable to visit our workshop by providing a mobile service. As well as ECU Remapping, we can also offer other ECU related services such as Speed limiter removal and DPF Removal.

ECU remapping equipment